Friday, April 8, 2011

Goldie Girl

I luv spring, and I luv summer even more..I have a picture from last summer of my Horse, she's a tennessee walker golden palomino, and I luv riding her, so every time I see this picture it just makes me wish for spring and summer even more..Here's a pic of her last summer, I think she enjoys the warmer months also...the horse behind her is our neighbors.It would be so nice to have hair the color of hers

Her name is American Gold, but I just call her Goldie Girl, now she comes to that name...
Over the weekend we had a big scare, Our German Shepard "Radar" thinks he is supposed to round the horses up, we also have two mini horses, so while he was chasing the two Mini horses, Goldie got upset and went after him, she ended up rolling him on his back with her two front hooves and trying to kick him to death, now Goldie is a very gentle horse, but she hates Radar...And I do believe she was trying to kill him...Thank goodness he only got scraped up pretty bad, but he is fine..As she was trying to stamp on him, I screamed her name and she finally let him go..Very scary though!!

Radar loves chasing Ken on the four wheeler in the summer and winter...So Ken has been out gettting the four wheeler all tuned up and ready for the summer months..We have already took Radar for walks in the back of our property, where there is a pond, and of course Radar had to jump in the pond, it's definately too dang cold to be in water, but Radar didn't think so, I wished I had brought my camera along...We also heard some little baby critters, possibly Raccoons, in  a fallen tree out in the woods...

I hope everyone else is enjoying some good spring weather...I think at last Spring has sprung..I really do need to get the camera out more and take pics of the early stages of spring...The pictures posted today are only pics from last summer..But they are good reminders to me of how good it feels to have warm months after such a long cold snowy winter...


  1. Ohmygosh! Goldie is beautiful!!! I've always wanted a horse... but last year mom put a huge garden where the horses would have gone... So, I guess I'm out of luck now ;)
    Looks like you're all having fun! :)
    Happy Spring! *Hugs*

  2. thanx Jordan, Happy spring to you too!!!Jordan I've wanted a horse since I was very small, probably around 5 or 6, never could have one, so when we moved out here in the country that was the first thing my Prince Charming bought me!! A girl is never too old to want a

  3. That's great!! So lucky ;) <3