Friday, April 8, 2011

Goldie Girl

I luv spring, and I luv summer even more..I have a picture from last summer of my Horse, she's a tennessee walker golden palomino, and I luv riding her, so every time I see this picture it just makes me wish for spring and summer even more..Here's a pic of her last summer, I think she enjoys the warmer months also...the horse behind her is our neighbors.It would be so nice to have hair the color of hers

Her name is American Gold, but I just call her Goldie Girl, now she comes to that name...
Over the weekend we had a big scare, Our German Shepard "Radar" thinks he is supposed to round the horses up, we also have two mini horses, so while he was chasing the two Mini horses, Goldie got upset and went after him, she ended up rolling him on his back with her two front hooves and trying to kick him to death, now Goldie is a very gentle horse, but she hates Radar...And I do believe she was trying to kill him...Thank goodness he only got scraped up pretty bad, but he is fine..As she was trying to stamp on him, I screamed her name and she finally let him go..Very scary though!!

Radar loves chasing Ken on the four wheeler in the summer and winter...So Ken has been out gettting the four wheeler all tuned up and ready for the summer months..We have already took Radar for walks in the back of our property, where there is a pond, and of course Radar had to jump in the pond, it's definately too dang cold to be in water, but Radar didn't think so, I wished I had brought my camera along...We also heard some little baby critters, possibly Raccoons, in  a fallen tree out in the woods...

I hope everyone else is enjoying some good spring weather...I think at last Spring has sprung..I really do need to get the camera out more and take pics of the early stages of spring...The pictures posted today are only pics from last summer..But they are good reminders to me of how good it feels to have warm months after such a long cold snowy winter...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Already backsliding on my New Years Goals

Oh My! One of my New years Goals was to blog more, and I haven't done it, but I'm just gonna get right back in the saddle..
One goal I have been keepin though, was to get busy on my Etsy and list list list, I have been doing that!! And it has really helped me get sales too!
Anyone else out there not keeping up with your New Years Goals?? Come on don't be shy, I admitted it! although it's pretty hard to hide the fact that I haven't been posting

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Question for Y'all...

I have a question for y'all, I need your answers and they can be as long and drawn out as you need them to be..there are times that I won't try something new because I'm afraid of failing at it...Now usually I can get past this by asking myself this one question...
What would you attempt to do, if you knew that you absolutely could not fail???

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new way of looking at Rain!

It's been rainy and gloomy here since yesterday morning..I started thinking a lot about the rain as I watched it come down and hit the deck, the raindrops seem to explode and scatter..It made me wonder what raindrops would look like if they were real living breathing little creatures..So I made some outta polymer clay, and here is what living raindrops would be like if they were alive! Well according to my imagination anyway..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recovering from a rough week

Several years ago when me and my fiancee bought our house, he bought me my first horse, I luv her, she's a palomino Tennessee Walker and she's beautiful..But after a few weeks of owning her he decided to saddle her up and ride her..Well he didn't exactly know how to ride a horse and didn't realize that when they start bucking to pull up on  the reins, they are like brakes for a horse.. and low and behold she bucked and kicked and went crazy and managed to throw him up in the air then down on his back flat on the ground...It wasn't good, he broke 4 bones in his lower back, and for the last 4 yrs still has a lot of trouble and pain with it..He moved wrong the other day and something popped and for a week straight he couldn't get up and walk around without excruciating he has been off work and of course with him at home it was pretty hard for me to be able to spend much time in my art room or on the computer, so I guess u could say I neglected my goals for the year, which is list list list on my etsy store and making more things for my store, but I'M BACK at last..
Here's what I've been working on..

It's the middle of the night already, but I'm still working, my fiancee works
the graveyard shift, so I guess I'm stuck working it at home too..
Hope everyone else at the PCE team is being super creative and sticking
to their New Years Goals, If you let them slip for a day or two, don't
worry just get up and get right back in the saddle!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow storm on the way

Waiting on a big snow storm to come our way..Yuck!!
I have been working on a new little monster last night and this morning, so
maybe I will be able to post a picture of him today...He's a bright green, almost like a Neon green..Hope everyone is staying warm today!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kater's Acres: PCETEAM is over 200 Members!

I am so excited, One of my Little Monsters was featured on a blog today!! Yay!!
Check out her blog!!

Kater's Acres: PCETEAM is over 200 Members!: "WOW! The PCETeam has come a long way. We started as a small group of 10 or so and have blossomed into a LARGE group of over 200..."