Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Already backsliding on my New Years Goals

Oh My! One of my New years Goals was to blog more, and I haven't done it, but I'm just gonna get right back in the saddle..
One goal I have been keepin though, was to get busy on my Etsy and list list list, I have been doing that!! And it has really helped me get sales too!
Anyone else out there not keeping up with your New Years Goals?? Come on don't be shy, I admitted it! although it's pretty hard to hide the fact that I haven't been posting


  1. Love your Blog, and thanks for following mine :) You're my 10th follower! Haha, I haven't been in my shop enough lately.. I've been wanting to list some new photographs... I just haven’t really gotten to it! I think I'll try to do that today, though. Thanks for the small push I needed! :)
    ~Jordan @ Rainbow Veins

  2. Well thank you! I'm glad it gave you a little push, I just wish it would give me one..hehe, actually I'm not having problems getting new things in my shop, my biggest problem is actually keeping up with my blog...I wish I were better at it..