Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recovering from a rough week

Several years ago when me and my fiancee bought our house, he bought me my first horse, I luv her, she's a palomino Tennessee Walker and she's beautiful..But after a few weeks of owning her he decided to saddle her up and ride her..Well he didn't exactly know how to ride a horse and didn't realize that when they start bucking to pull up on  the reins, they are like brakes for a horse.. and low and behold she bucked and kicked and went crazy and managed to throw him up in the air then down on his back flat on the ground...It wasn't good, he broke 4 bones in his lower back, and for the last 4 yrs still has a lot of trouble and pain with it..He moved wrong the other day and something popped and for a week straight he couldn't get up and walk around without excruciating pain..so he has been off work and of course with him at home it was pretty hard for me to be able to spend much time in my art room or on the computer, so I guess u could say I neglected my goals for the year, which is list list list on my etsy store and making more things for my store, but I'M BACK at last..
Here's what I've been working on..

It's the middle of the night already, but I'm still working, my fiancee works
the graveyard shift, so I guess I'm stuck working it at home too..
Hope everyone else at the PCE team is being super creative and sticking
to their New Years Goals, If you let them slip for a day or two, don't
worry just get up and get right back in the saddle!!


  1. I hope your fiancee is doing better! I'm sorry he got hurt like that! Glad you're back after your rough week... Yasmine and Cora are ADORABLE!!! Congrats on your quick sale too! :)

  2. thanx Trina, and yeah he is doing better, he is back to work this week..

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough week. But I have to say these monsters are AWESOME!

  4. Sorry to hear about your man's accident but glad he's doing a bit better.

    I love these, they look really cheeky and naughty!Yasmine looks just like my orc character that I play in The Elder Scrolls:Oblivion (xBox geek!)

  5. Thanx everyone for the compliments and the well wishes for Ken..