Friday, January 7, 2011

Goals for the New Year for my Etsy Shop

1. Blog more, even if nobody else is reading it, I may feel like i'm talking to myself
but Oh Well, I talk to myself all the time, and I was told as long as I don't answer myself back, then I'm not really crazy! (I'll never tell if I answer myself)

2. Stop listing all my stuff on Ebay and start listing them in my Etsy Shop, seems like I put all the good stuff on Ebay..

3. Make more treasuries...I Loves me some treasuries!

4. Keep better records, Keep better records, keep better records..Oh and did I say keep better records? This is a MUST!!

5. Get more organized in my Studio..It really is so much easier to create if I'm more organized..For some reason if things are chaotic, my mind spins so fast I can't keep up with it, and it keeps me from being creative..

6. Try really hard to get some followers for my, that way I don't feel like I'm talkin to myself..

7. Do whatever it takes to make more sales on Etsy...List List List...

8. Organize my day more efficiently so I have more time to be creative..

9. Even if I feel I don't have no time to make something for my shop, at least start the project and promise to finish it by the next day..

Well that is it for now, Lets see how these goals go, if all goes well, I may even add more goals..


  1. Lots of ace goals Bonnie, nice one! I too am going to be all about the blogging this year. Like you, I often feel like I might be talking to myself but...I quite enjoy that!:o)

    And list, list, list...oh yeah! Sometimes feel I do everything but that!

  2. LOL, I have to admit I like talkin to myself too..I just feel strange about doing it on a blog,, I've started to blog several times but then never post it..

  3. Bonnie, All very good goals! I'm with you on goal #5 ~ When things get unorganized in my world, my creativity takes a backseat too... clutter in the way really blocks the creative flow!! :)

    Much good luck with your 2011 goals! And wishing you many sales in your Etsy Shop!

  4. Lets try this again...
    What I said was, was that when I read this I felt like I was reading about myself, lol. It's a great list!

  5. hi from the Polymer Clay Enthusiasts team on etsy! your lil monsters are wonderful!

  6. Great list! Best of luck with all of it. Keep blogging and promoting... it will pay off! Cute monsters!

  7. Thanx Everybody, Now I don't feel like i'm talkin to myself anymore. LOL